My greatest passion.

I love these things to to bits.

While there is a certain riddle most people are familiar with, I want to shine a light on the rest of this fascinating world.

Beginner? Zahada and Weffriddles can help you ease up to this new world.

Feel like you've got the hang of it? Try defeating Dracula or cracking the Cipher.

If you think you're up to it, add some Zest, circle through Hell, or escape Marv's prison...

IH needs Flash for the homepage and Marv for some levels, contact me if you need something.

Other personal recs: Synchronicity, ZED, RNS Riddle, E.B.O.N.Y.

Some weirdos are trying to catalog all of them.

Hell, you could even try some of mine:

Central Discord Link

CURE (Currently Unnamed Riddle Experiment) blee LAMENTATION!
IV... Imprismed in garbage...